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Pakistani Rice Varieties

Basmati White / Parboiled Rice

Super Kernel Basmati Rice
Super Basmati Rice
Basmati PK 385 Rice
Basmati 198 Rice

Non Basmati White / Parboiled Rice

PK 386 Long Grain Rice
IRRI-9 Long Grain Rice
IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice
KS 82 Long Grain Rice

Herbs Varieties

Licorice or Liquorice Roots (Licorice Cut,Licorice Sticks and Licorice Crush Powder (Tea Grade)

Dry Red Rose
Ephedra Herbs
Alkanet Roots
Rhubarb Roots
Valerian Roots
Custus Roots
Henna Powder

Juniper Berries
Senna Leaves


Spice Varieties

Dry Red Chilies - Whole Dandicut and Powder
Cumin Seeds
Cardamom Seeds and Powder
Fennel Seeds
Anise Seeds
Sesame Seeds
Coriander Seeds
Dill Seeds (Anise)
Thyme Seeds
Juniper Berries

Dried Fruit Varieties

Almond Kernels
Almonds with Shell
Apricot Dried Whole
Apricot Sweet Kernel
Dry Dates
Cashew Nuts
Dry Green Raisins
Dry Red Raisins (Processed / Semi Processed / Unprocessed)
Dry Sweet Figs
Pine Nuts with Shell
Pine Nuts Kernel
Pistachio with Shell and without Shell

Gums & Resins Varieties

Gum Arabic
Gum Aloes
Gum Asafoetida
Gum Dragon Blood
Gum Guggal
Gum Myrrh
Gum Olibanium
Gum Bejamin
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