After the twenty years of success in Medicinal Herbs and Spices. In last five years, Habib Dried Inc, also successful internationally, to built his name, in the field of Rice Exports. With our maximum efforts, of maintaining the high quality standard, we are successfully providing our customers, the best and 100% authentic quality Rice.

HDINC joined and purchasing from some of the best suppliers, from the rice field. Who are engaged in growing the rice, from past three generations. Growing with new techniques and safe farming, and providing us, the best rice from their rice paddy.

Our rice processing team, at the rice mill, consist of some very well trained and highly professional operators. Who are engaged, in processing our rice, with very managed quality control system. Which is the key reason of hdinc success.

Without any doubt, our these highly qualified team members, make us assure every time, that we are providing our customers, accurate and 100% authentic quality rice, according to their requirements.

HDINC deals in all Pakistani Basmati and Non Basmati (white and parboiled) rice.
(We are the registered members of REAP: Rice Exporter's Association of Pakistan)

Basmati Rice
Non Basmati Rice


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