Botanical Names : Anethum graveolens

Common Name: Anise Seeds / Dill Seed

Anise / Dill is a short-lived annual herb, native to southwest and central Asia. It grows to several feet in height, with slender stems and alternate, finely divided, softly delicate leaves. The plant produces diminutive flowers in white and yellow. The whole plant has a fragrant odor, and the seeds tastes sweet. The seed is harvested by cutting the flower heads off the stalks, when the seed is beginning to ripen. The seed heads are placed upside down in a paper bag and left in a warm dry place for a week. The seeds then separate from the stems easily.

Anise Seeds / Dill seeds are very pungent and have long been used for a range of digestive problems. Anise promotes digestion, improves appetite, alleviates cramps and nausea, cough, colds, and relieves flatulence. The seeds can also be chewed to sweeten the breath. Medicinally Aniseed is said to have warming and stimulating actions and is useful for circulation and digestive disorders and is used in cough medicines. Anise water promotes milk production in nursing mothers, and also a soothing eyewash. A tea made from equal parts of anise, caraway, and fennel makes an excellent intestinal purifier. Because of its sweetness, anise is a good additive to improve the flavor of other medicines.

Dill Seeds works well with meat, vegetables and stews. It is best used raw or added to cooked foods as it loses its flavour quickly when dried or cooked for a long period of time.


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