Botanical Name: Capsicum frutescens

Common Names: Chili or Chilli pepper, Pod pepper, Red pepper

Red Chillies grows best in hot climates. The chilli plant is bush-like, grows up to 3 feet. The flowers are white to yellow in colour. The plant bears fruits, which is various red (red to brownish red) coloured, leathery from outside having many seeds inside.

In so Many Countries, the Dried Red Chilli Pepper is one of the most popular and important part of Food Industries.. The Red Chilies are eaten cooked and raw in a large variety of food products. It has no odor and its taste is warm and Peppery, having intense pungent flavor with a biting hot, fast and prolonging effect. It is widely used as a seasoning.

Different varieties of Dried Chillies vary in quality and pungency. Pakistani Red Chilies are very Hot and Spicy, Its Used and Popular in many Asian, Middle East and Western Countries. Dried Red Chilies are available in Whole Round form stemless, and ground into a very fine powder and Crush Powder form, for use as spices. Red Chilies also used in making so many type of sauces, to add color and flavor to many bland, savory dishes. It is also very nutritious; Chili peppers in generally contain iron, phosphorous, calcium, B-complex and more vitamin C than Oranges.


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